by The Close Proximity

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released May 1, 2014

Music, Lyrics, Performance, and Production by R.J. Mills

"Without Absence" music & lyrics by R.J. Mills & Lara Manoloudakis
Vibraphone on "Only Here" by Debi Tuttle
"Rhapsody in Straus Park" contains a 1930 public domain recording of "Body and Soul" sung by Annette Hanshaw- lyrics by Edward Heyman, Robert Sour and Frank Eyton; music by Johnny Green

Cover image by Lara Manoloudakis

Recorded in my apartment in Washington Heights, New York City

Thank you Lara, my muse and my rock, for supporting me through this work, offering opinions, and telling me when things didn't sound good
Thank you Brandon, Liz, Miggs, Sel, Nadia, Fred, and the whole NYC crew for their amazing support.
Thank you Oblique Strategies for being a valued source of inspirational aid and writer's block breaker
Thank you whiskey for being my mistress and my other writer's block breaker
and many many thanks to my family, friends, and collaborators

This album is dedicated to the life & memory of John Taylor (1930-2014)



all rights reserved


The Close Proximity Brooklyn, New York

The Close Proximity is a musical collective intiated by RJ Mills.

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Track Name: Square One
I am somewhere in between the night and the morning
Can't tell the difference from the dusk and the dawn
Weaving in and out of every waking hour
The repercussions of all the damage done
And this is what you find
When you're back at square one

I left my hometown under false pretenses
Just when I thought I could let down my defenses
The rug was pulled under
And I found myself back at square one

This isn't the first time and it certainly won't be the last time and it can be unbearable at times but I'm gonna make it out this time with a battle scar here and there but certainly not beyond repair and I can still be caught unawares and all is fair all is fair all is fair in love and war and I've seen and heard and know the score so you know what you're getting yourself in for when you're going back to square one and you're going back to square one and you're going back to square one and you're going backgoingbackgoingbackgoingback....
Track Name: Rhapsody in Straus Park
Track Name: Connection
Connection - between lovers
A delicate moment
In the eye of the storm
Reflection - when it's all over
A distant memory
A light in the fog

If feels that with a connection made
It only has the power to grow or fade
Depending on where the heart has swayed
It doesn't seize to amaze
It's easy to feel with the connection lost
So much was given up and for little a cost
Don't take it as a defeat
But as a new beginning

Connection - beyond the oceans
Forgetting the distances
Where you belong
Dissension - the most lethal of poisons
Expanding the differences
Breaking apart
Connection - to hold it together
Building desire
Out of phrases and words
Ambition creates expectation
Caught in the urgency
When you have to slow down

Connection - give me release
Before I lose control
Connection - give me release
Before I lose it all
Track Name: Only Here
The rain has come, come and gone again
Just like it did, way back when
There's not much to say
And not much to think
Other than to pour us another drink
And talk of the things that matter to us

The sun has left, to come back another day
The moon follows behind on its merry way
There's no light but the candle burning low
The whiskey burns and the record plays slow
You get up to dance
And I can't help but sway along...

Sweet, sweet movement plays the shadow
Soft, Soft graces touches the air
We are only here, and no where else
We are only here, and no one else
We are only here, and the world is left behind

The remnants of the rain still hangs upon the trees
Falling to the dampened earth with effortless ease
The pitter-patter rhythms echo in my mind
A sound unlike any other kind
That reminds me of the time come and gone
Track Name: Anter Ventas
Track Name: Without Absence
We got to be careful
Before it gets out of hand
Before we lose touch
Oh how I desire touch

Skin to skin
The passion within
Without absence
The taste of sin
Broken pieces of a puzzle
Scattered across the floor
Oh how I desire more

Call me impatient
Call me jumping the gun
Trying to save the moment
Before it's gone

Skin to skin
The passion within
Without absence
The taste of sin
Broken pieces of a puzzle
Scattered across the floor
Oh how I desire more

Let's give it all that we can
Before we watch it fade away
Our love cannot be tamed
It can only be experienced
Track Name: Of The Fates' Design
Oh look what we got ourselves into
Another round of complications
The push and pull
Giving in to the chase
Never thought I'd have to face
The reality slowly coming into view

Will I see it through this time
Or will I have to resign
Give in to the Fates' design
Pulling me this direction
Surrendering desire unkind
At the risk of losing my mind
Oh is this of the Fates' design

We built our love like a temple
Encompassing and glorious
Divine by the pillar and the stone
Now crumbled into forsaken ruin
Desperate, confused, and exhausted
And when the dust settles we'll stand alone

But we could see it through this time
Salvaging the ties that bind
Taking heed of the Fates' design
Tempting us with distraction
And even if we fail to find
The pieces of ourselves that was yours or mine
Oh is this of the Fates' design

Or is this...
Track Name: I wrote this for you
I wrote this for you
Somewhat scattered for starters
Soon settling in sequence
Barely contained
Yet finding contentment

This is me
This is you
So close I can almost grasp it
How can I wait?
How can I wait?
Oh how can I wait?

So many moments
Each serves a purpose
To connect us
Then and there
Into the impossible

This is you
This is me
Here is the moment so let's grasp it
How can we wait?
Oh how can we wait?
Oh how can we wait?

Sun, moon, stars, and rain
Over and over and over again...